Apple iOS 9 is Out With Improved Siri and Multitasking and Smart Technology

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iOS 9 makes a next gen Apple device with a bunch of new features and smart technology.

Apple iOS 9 is out with improved Siri and Multitasking and the best smartphone technology. iOS is a mobile operating system designed by Apple Inc. for its handheld devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Initially iOS is released on June 29th 2007 and its latest stable release is iOS 9 which is announced on Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and released on Sept. 16th 2015.
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So whats new in  iOS 9?

Improved Battery Life and Low Power Mode

Apple said that standby time in iOS 9 will increase by an hour in normal mode and by 3 hours in the new Low Power Mode.

Less in Memory

Apple iOS 9 is 3.5 times smaller than its previous iOS releases and weighed at 1.4 GB. It means that iOS 9 users will now have an additional space of  3.5 GB.

App Enhancements

Apple iOS 9 bring key enhancements to all the apps improving it for a better performance and functionality. Apple iOS 9 puts a new NEWS app on the home screen consisting of news and articles from different authentic sources freeing users from hunting different websites and apps to stay updated.

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Apple Note

Apple iOS 9 adds new features to Note making you to add photos, sketches and guess what? even maps. Apple iOS 9 will automatically update your Note across iCloud making users to access it from across the globe. A new silver lined feature of Apple iOS 9 is that it allows you to take and add Note from even Apps. Isn’t that cool?

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Split Screen and Multitasking

Apple iOS 9 adds a picture-in-picture multitasking just like desktops. (Only available in iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4).

Enhanced Siri

Siri just became smarter in Apple iOS 9.

Keyboard Improvements

New keyboard improvements in Apple iOS 9 include support for gestures, smart word suggestion bar and shortcuts.