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The Safari web browser crash bugs has effected a wide range of Apple products. The exact issue causing the crashing has not been locked down, but it appears to be related to Apple’s Safari Suggestions service. It’s a very annoying bug that is affecting a lot of people all of sudden today. Apple ensures that the problem caused by Safari web browser to crash when users carried out a search via its address bar is set perfectly.The problem is not confined only to the iphone but also its Mac Computers. The crash has been seen on iOS 8, iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. The iOS and OS X operating systems were recently updated by the Apple, but the fault reported to be the same even to the users who had not updated the new versions. This suggests that the problem was caused at the Apple data centres through some spam process but not the coding error in Safari browser itslf. But this fixture may take sometime to go to the users.

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Users can  speed up the process by clicking on the “clear history and website data” in Safari’s preferences and by disabling Safari Suggestions in mobile devices.The issue only impacted people whose “suggestions cache” had updated while they were using the phone between 09:00 GMT and 12:00 GMT.The bug is affecting users in many countries, but not all. It also depends on the state of your Safari, whether it has certain data cached already. As a result, the device owners in Europe were more likely to have been affected than those in Asia or the US.

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The users can rush into the Private Browsing mode which can also be opted. In private browsing, Safari does not contact the suggestions server for intelligent completion options, so the server is never contacted and the crash never arises.

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