Apple Car to Hit Roads Soon – Collaborates with Automotive Leader BMW

by Praneeth Karnena 0


Apple Car to Hit Roads Soon – Collaborates with Automotive Industry Leaders Like BMW. Yes, what you have heard is true. The rumors got fabricated when it was heard that Apple team has tested a electric Car at World War-2 Naval Base.

But, Apple doesn’t have any manufacturing expertise to enter automobile industry. So, Apple may manufacture cars in collaboration with Automotive leaders like BMW.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Project Titan” the code name for Apple Car manufacturing unit under which hundreds of Engineers are already working. It seems like Apple team is attentive towards BMW i3 electric vehicle. The technology of BMW i3 may serve as a foundation of Apple Car or iCar. Sources also said that Tim Cook and other Apple’s diligent visited BMW production facility in Leipzig and they are constantly meeting for this project.

It was also rumored that Apple have hired the former President and Chief Executive of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, North America. The team may not move alone on manufacturing of highly rumored Apple Car. If Apple team tastes success in merging with giant Automotive leaders like BMW, the Apple Car will make its impression on roads soon.