Android Apps By Microsoft You’ve Never Probably Heard Of

by Praneeth Karnena 0

Microsoft and Android

Microsoft keeps its apps for Windows alone.From the last few years Redmond-giant has been bringing up its apps to all platforms, including the Cortana assistant on Android and iOS. In recent times Microsoft is designing its mobile apps for other platform also and on many occasions aren’t even available on Windows.


Looking at the sheer number of apps Microsoft now makes for Android, we decided to pick some of the most interesting ones that you might not know about. Everyone knows about apps such as Microsoft Office and Outlook, but there are quite a few good Microsoft apps on Android that you might not have heard of, such as these five apps.

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Its An Android app with the Indian connection which is an unknown app developed by the Microsoft. Parchi is an Hindi word that roughly translates to a chit of paper,which can be named as notes app. The app Parchi lets you jot down notes from the lock screen itself.Many other  features such as searching for,sharing notes and tagging are included in this app.

Parchi app

Download here: Parchi for android

2. Mimicker:

Mimicker app is a surprising entry in this list given that Microsoft isn’t really known for alarm apps.This app forces you to mimic actions in order to turn off the alarm. It might ask you to do  differnt tasks like click a selfie with a happy face,to speak a tongue twister phrase. This is surprisingly an effective app by Microsoft.

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Mimicker app

Download here:Mimicker for android

3.Arrow Launcher:

In general Android app is incomplete without the launcher.Its an attempt of Microsoft to enhance your android experience.This app automatically places the apps top which you use the most. Other time-saving actions of this launcher include highlighting people you quickly contact and letting you add notes and reminders quickly.

Arrow Launcher
Arrow Launcher app

Download here:Arrow Launcher for android

4. Journeys & Notes:

This is an unusual social notes app from Microsoft.While travelling Journeys & Notes lets you take notes . Once you key in the places you’re travelling from and to, and select a mode of transport, you could see notes about the journey from other travellers. In this way, you might find ssome awesome restaurants or hiking spots along the way.

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Journey & Notes
Journey & Notes app

Download here:Journey & Notes for android


Wordament is an addictive game that challenges you to find words from 16 tiles containing one letter each before time runs out. Challenges include finding the most number of words, finding the longest words, among others. If you like this game, you should definitely check out Snap Attack, another fast-paced word building game by the same developers.

Wordament app

Download here:Wordament for android