Amazon Smile – Donate Along With Shopping

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Amazon Smile is often preferred  as the best E-Commerce website all around the world. However, Amazon Inc. is an Electronic Commerce and Cloud Computing Company. It is the biggest Internet-based retailer across the Globe.

Interesting thing is that it doesn’t let it’s policies and values down even one-time. It started re-inventing itself, since it’s birth. Initially, Amazon is just a local based company. But, now it has got number of subsidiary companies and world-wide market growth.

So, Amazon thought to do something new in its E-Commerce site. As they thought, they did it literally. Wanna Know what is it? It’s the new way of portal to shop or purchase from Amazon.Com

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Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile

It is namely the “Amazon Smile” The Motto of the Amazon Smile is that “Donate while you Purchase.” It states that Amazon Smile let’s the 0.5% of your Products Worth to be given to Charitable Organizations of your Wish.

The Fact is that it is clear that it is good to hear it’s theory. But, when it comes to Maths and calculations Amazon Smile fails clearly. Because, if we Purchase the Products of worth $10,000, then Amazon Smile let you donate just a paltry sum of $50. That’s why we said it failed in Calculations.

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So, even you feel you donate, it can just end up in meager sum, that is ineffective for charity organizations. However, you can end up feeling the Goodness of Charity.

Amazon Inc
Amazon Inc

But, if many people donate the amount to same organization, then it will be an effective help to change the future of that organizational growth.

And another interesting thing is that Amazon Smile doesn’t help the customers with any Tax-deductions, because Amazon Smile Foundation donates the money directly. Which means you are just an intermediate donor in between the Organization and Amazon Smile.

Its site is “” You can sign-in into it, just with your normal Amazon.Com account and it seems as same as the normal one. When Purchase is done, it asks for the choice of your wished Organization to donate the 0.5% amount from which you buy. That’s it. Done.

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That’s the Brief Story of Amazon Smile. Hope you like this article.

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