Amazon Adds Virtual Assistant Alexa To It’s Fire TV Devices

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


Amazon being one of the Major Online E-Commerce Marketplaces, made its way into different fields of Technology. Last year, it entered the Set-Top Box and Television Fields by introducing FireTV and FireTV Sticks. And further more, Alexa is the Virtual Assistant owned by Amazon. Being able to sustain many risks of the market, Amazon made its mark in the World of Business which relates mostly to Technology. It added Alexa support to the Fire TV Devices.


Today, Alexa, Amazon‘s Virtual Assistant is making its way helpful out for Consumer Experience of Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks. With the addition of Amazon Alexa to Fire TVs, Users can perform tasks like “Controlling the lights in their smart home, Ask about news, Weather and Traffic Updates, Play Games, Listen to Audible books, Access local searches such as for bars,stores,restaurants etc., Listen to music, etc etc.” And well of course, by using this, you can order things from Amazon.


While the best feature that brought in is Alexa, this update will further more include other improvements and fixes. One of such kind is Amazon Video’s add-on subscription service. It is now easier to use, which allows users a better way to find out the new subscriptions and Sign Up features too. “The free download will begin to pile out now. And it will continue over the next few weeks” says Amazon.

It also added Video Subscriptions from channels of Third Parties like Showtime, Starz, Comedy Central Stand-up, Acorn TV,  Lifetime Movie Club, Gaia, and Qello Concerts. But, it is extra pay feature added by Amazon now.

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In addition to the updated features, Amazon states that it is thinking to release the Bluetooth Headphones Support for the Fire TV Stick devices, which is now just only available for Fire TV devices. That’s how Amazon made use of Alexa to support Fire TV Devices.

That is the story behind the topic of Amazon‘s Virtual Assistant, Alexa’s added Support to the Fire TV Devices.

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