A Simple Way to Crash Google Chrome – Be Careful!

by Praneeth Karnena 0


A simple way to crash Chrome Browser: Google’s Chrome browser can be crashed by entering a simple 16 character URL string. If you hit enter or even hover your mouse cursor on the URL link will lead to Chrome Crash.

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“http://a/%%30%30” This 16 Character code will force Chrome Browser to crash. The bug was found by Andris Atteka, a security researcher. The bug was reported to Google. He also explained that adding a null character to URL is responsible for Chrome Crash. Another example given was by using URL string “http://biome3d.com/%%30%30” which crashes the tab it was entered into.

Google Chrome Crash
Google Chrome Crash

This bug will not impose any security risk. It will not load any Trojans into the Computer  but just crashes the Chrome browser. It is very annoying to see the Chrome browser die and needs a restart to function normally. The mobile version of Chrome is left unaffected even after entering any of those two URL strings.