A Revolution in Plastic Recycling – Plastic is No More a Waste

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Innovation in Plastic Recycling

A strong revolution is just taking it’s birth, it’s gonna revolutionize the way we used to recycle plastic. It’s a breakthrough in the field of recycling. It’s a highly innovative way of recycling and reusing plastic. This method is completely different from traditional ways of recycling plastic. It’s gonna change the world of technology. No companies, no hassle, just recycle plastic at home with these simple machinery.

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Plastic and other fiber can now be recycled in the most productive way. As till now, recycling of plastic is extremely expensive but it is no more now. This non-decomposable material can now be used in a most useful way. It is so called as the Personal Recycling Machine.


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Innovation in Plastic Recycling
Innovation in Plastic Recycling


This method was actually invented by a 27 year old, Dave Hakkens. His project was considered to be precious. In this method, several machines are used to turn plastic waste into new items. These machines are now used to make items like table tops, clocks and much more.

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