5 Tech Gadgets That Would Change Our Everyday Lives

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The Best Gadegts

Technology gadgets have improved our quality of living. Every household has some sort of tech gadgets that helps them in doing a particular task. Tech gadgets has revolutionized the way we spend and deal with time. Technology advancements has made the life of man easier than ever. Quality comes at cost. This principle applies to most of the things in the world. Apple which is synonymous for quality and innovation is highly priced but it’s quality can’t be matched. Likewise, every gadget in the tech industry is a bit expensive but it is worth buying them.


The Best Gadegts
The Best Gadegts



#1 Ruggie:

The Ruggie is actually an alarm clock. It looks like a mat which has a timer embedded to it which displays time. It is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve ever seen. The best part of the Ruggie is that it doesn’t stop ringing unless you stand on it for 3 seconds, Meanwhile, you’re senses will be perfectly awake. Buy Ruggie.

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Ruggie Alarm Clock
Ruggie Alarm Clock


#2 Fontus:

This one of the greatest gadgets I’ve ever seen. The creator of Fontus should be praised for his / her breakthrough invention. Fontus is a bottle that pulls water from the air. So if you’re a adventurer, it’s pretty common for you to run out of water and get dehydrated. Fontus fills this gap by filling itself with water automatically from atmospheric air. In most extreme climates, Fontus can fill the bottle in under an hour. Buy Fontus.



#3 Glyph:

Glyph looks like a headset but has another awesome functionality, that is, you can use it to watch movies too. Glyph basically looks like a headset but you can reverse it to use as a movie screen. Check out the video below. Glyph is gadget which is particularly useful for people who wants to keep their eyes exercised by watching movies or videos. Glyph helps you to watch movies or videos anywhere without disturbing or annoying anyone. Glyph works by connecting it to your smartphone and you know what happens next. Buy Glyph.

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#4 Tapplock:

Tapplock is a smart lock but the only difference is,  it doesn’t need a key or a combination code to unlock it. The Tapplock can be unlocked by scanning it’s respective finger print or through the mobile app. This gadget uses Biometric Fingerprint Sensor as it’s principle technology. It can be authorized to 200 users. Check out the video below. Buy Tapplock.

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#5 Nebia:

Nebia is gadget and is a showerhead which reduces water usage by 70%. Nebia uses technology developed for jets that creates extreme pressure atomizing water into millions of tiny droplets. Nebia can cover 10x more surface.Check out the video below. Buy Nebia.



The gadgets listed above were in the verge of revolutionizing the world. These gadgets can be used for home, personal and official uses. They can be used regularly in our everyday life. These electronic devices are highly innovative and creative. These tech goods can outstanding results. They have the real potential to make this world a better place.

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