5 Foolproof Tips For Making Your Instagram Video Ads Stand Out

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Instagram Video Ads

Back in 2013, Instagram allowed users to post videos on their accounts. You could record the video on your phone, and it had to be 15 seconds long.


Those days, individuals compared Instagram videos to Twitter-owned video app – Vine. Frankly, Instagram has come a long way since then. And it has quickly blown Vine out of the water. Over the years, the folks at Instagram have made various changes to this photo sharing platform, making it easy for people to post pictures and share videos.

Sharing Live Videos

Recently, Instagram announced that it is extending the time limit for videos from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. How can advertisers benefit from this opportunity? Read the tips mentioned below to create an interesting and engaging video ad –

1) Don’t Shoot With The App, Use The Phone

No doubt, with Instagram on your phone, you can easily upload interesting clips. However, you don’t need to use the Instagram app to record them.  You can also upload videos created with other camera applications.

Now to get started with this, you need to select the camera app that you like and get comfortable using it. It can be either a native application present on your cell phone or one of the third party video recording apps for iPhone or Android devices.

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Whichever you select, once the clip is saved, it can be uploaded to Instagram by choosing the required video mode and the browse gallery option. Additionally, if the clip that you are going to upload is not edited, you can do it on Instagram. All you must do is choose the clips as you go. Then you need to trim them to fit the 60-second limit.

Selecting Camera Application

2) Selecting The Correct Aspect Ratio

Initially, when Instagram introduced its video feature in 2013, the videos were limited to about 15 seconds and displayed in 1:1 ratio (which is 640×640). Currently, you can post 60 second videos and display them at 1:1 (i.e. 1080 x1080) or 16:9 (1920 x 1080).

Keep in mind that when you are creating an ad, you have to take up as much of the retail space as possible. If you want to have a huge presence on the phone of the user, go for the 1:1 ratio. It might crop the details from the frame’s edge; still the 1:1 ratio is perfect for playing on the mobile. So, you will end up getting the attention of the users.

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3) Utilize Manual Transition Among Clips

The advantage of using desktop video editing tools is that they provide eye-pleasing and amazing transitions. However, with Instagram, it is not possible. So, you need to be a bit creative concerning your transitions.

You can get inspiration from the early days of cinema. But keep in mind the fact that the current camera that you are using is way lighter compared to the one used by your forebears. In short, you can easily do experiments with manual transitions in your Instagram video clips.

For instance, you can apply the method of using the traditional cut in scenes where the subject walks out of the shot, right to left and vice versa. Another method is to look for ways of covering the lens and then taking off the cover when a new scene starts.
Adding Manual Transmission To Pictures

4) Use Legible Text

Just treat the Instagram ad similar to a billboard. There is a minuscule window filled with opportunities in front of you to gain the attention of customers on Instagram. Also, if there is text on the screen, try to make sure that it can be read easily and quickly. Individuals will ignore the text if it contains hard to read fonts or is too small.
Catching Attention Of Customers

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5) Get A Catchy Soundtrack

No doubt, music is one of the indispensable aspects of TV ads, and its emotional power is as effective on social media platforms. Many interesting Instagram advertisements use music to a great effect.

You need to lookout for a song or tune that compliments your footage and provokes the necessary emotional response among viewers.

Winding Up

Now just because you have the option of uploading a 60-second video, it doesn’t mean that your ads need to be that long. You can even upload a three seconds ad. Furthermore, Instagram ads do not need to abide by broadcast standards. This means that your videos can be of unconventional lengths. So, if you can make an interesting 38-second advertisement, then go ahead and upload it.

Have you used any one of these tricks mentioned in this article?

Are there any tips or tricks that have been missed? Do share your knowledge and feedback.

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