5 Best Websites That Offer Free Online Courses With A Certificate

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Free Online Courses

“Let knowledge be open and free.”

Take these free online courses from the world’s finest universities on the planet. You can take courses on coding, life sciences, design, painting, etc. There is nothing called void in here. There are thousands of courses for which you can find your interest in. You are not even charged a single penny. You’ll get a Certificate of Completion too. You are also  allowed to donate to these web portals to express your support. Verified certificates exists too for which you have to pay a little sum. Harvard, MIT, Stanford and many other prestigious universities have teamed up to offer their courses, material, videos and fun stuff for free over internet. They offer a certificate too and that is absolutely for free. At some point in life we feel bad for missing a study at one of the finest universities in the world. I’m pretty sure that you would never feel the same after taking a course. Internet is no more confined. It is a consortium of knowledge and inspiration.

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Learn Courses Online

Most of the people on the planet kill their passions due to various reasons preventing them to take a field of study of their choice. Now all these prestigious universities are trying to bridge this gap by simple offering their courses over internet for free. You would have the same feeling of taking a course in one of those universities. You are offered the same videos made by those university professors, the same course material and excellent content quality. You get all these things absolutely for free. You may also donate to these websites expressing your support.

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How these courses work:

You are asked to register and enroll for a course. Now classes begins online and there would be quizzes in between for which you will be graded. You will also be asked to submit assignments and problem sets for which you would also be graded too. Some of these problem sets and assignments have deadlines and some don’t. Timely submission of problem sets and assignments will get you more score and a good grade. You are asked to take a final examination for which you will be given a certificate with your respective grade. Remember, certificate will only be awarded if you pass out with a optimal score which is set by the university or academy offering the course. Some universities offer verified certificate for a little sum but everyone would be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

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Best Websites For Taking Courses Online:

edXTake online courses from the world’s best universities.

edX - Image

edX is a nonprofit organization launched in 2012 and is a joint venture between Harvard University and MIT. As of 2015 estimates, over 5 million students were learning on edX. edX offers various courses from coding to life sciences and many more.

MIT OpenCourseWare: Initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Offers both video and text materials.

MIT OpenCourseWare - Image
MIT OpenCourseWare

Coursera: Take the world’s best courses, online, for free.


Microsoft Virtual Academy: Offered by the software giant, Microsoft for both newbies and professionals.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Udacity: Get a Nano-degree offered and recognized by industry leaders.  


Udemy: Learn by a practical and a real world approach.



Khan Academy: Offers free online tutorials.

Khan Academy

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