15 Exclusive Photos of Google Headquarters – Googleplex – Mountain View

by Praneeth Karnena 0

It’s everyone’s dream who knows about tech to visit the headquarters of Google, Googleplex. Google is a great place to work at. You enjoy great perks working at Google. So how does Google Headquarters look like? Google headquarters is a great mantle piece of modern design and typography. Brilliant architectural design and immense creativity would result in a mantle piece like Google headquarters.

I’ll give you the tour of this brilliant, remarkable and unparalleled space:

You come across this reception-like place after entering the main lobby at Google HQ.


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Google HQ - Main
Google HQ – Main


This is the place where visitors and employees sit back and relax. 


Sit back and relax!
Sit back and relax!


Rejuvenate: Never get stressed out. Google employees always enjoy great perks. In-house gym to meditation centers.


Rejuvenate - Google HQ
Rejuvenate – Google HQ



Pins at Google HQ
Pins at Google HQ


KitKat Bugdroid: The official mascot of Android.


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KitKat Bugdroid - Android Mascot
KitKat Bugdroid – Android Mascot


Google’s main lobby hall.


Google HQ
Google HQ


Google Merchandise: YouTube


Accessories - YouTube
Merchandise – YouTube


T-Shirts: Google Official Merchandise


Google T-Shirts - Merchandise
Google T-Shirts – Merchandise


Google Merchandise


Google Merchandise - Google HQ
Google Merchandise – Google HQ


Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud


Harsh Agarwal - ShoutMeLoud
Harsh Agarwal – ShoutMeLoud


Google Visitor Center beta


Google Visitor Beta
Google Visitor Center Beta



Go Dynamic
Go Dynamic


“Don’t be evil” Google’s Unofficial Slogan 


Dinosaur - Google HQ
Dinosaur – Google HQ




Chrome Books - Google HQ
Chrome Books – Google HQ


Chocolate Bugdroid: Android’s Official Mascot


Browny Bugdroid - Google HQ
Browny Bugdroid – Google HQ


Bugdroid: Android’s Official Mascot


Bugdroid - Android Mascot
Bugdroid – Android Mascot


Employees usually travel from one block to another on bicycles


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Google HQ Path Way
Google HQ Path Way


Bicycles - Google HQ
Bicycles – Google HQ


Android Park: The home to amazing Android mascot, Bugdroid


Android Park - Google HQ
Android Park – Google HQ


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