10 Simple Ways To Have Fun With Google Search

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Funny Google Search Tricks

Google Search can be exciting and funny. Having fun with Google Search is really simple. These Google Search tricks will put a smile on your face. “Don’t be evil!” is the unofficial slogan of Google. The creators of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page made Google really cool and exciting.

Today we put forward 10 simple ways with which you can make your hearts sing. With these simple Google Search tricks, you can play tiny games, do rock-and-roll and much more. Read on.


Funny Google Search Tricks
Funny Google Search Tricks


Atari Breakout Game:

Did you know that you can play Atari Breakout game in Google Search? If no, just head over to Google Images and type atari breakout to see the magic.

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Atari Breakout Game in Google Search
Atari Breakout Game in Google Search


Do a Barrel Roll: Spin Your Screen

You can spin your current Google Search Window. Just head over to google.com; Type do a barrel roll and press enter to see the magic.


Do a Barrel Roll
Do a Barrel Roll



When you type askew in Google Search, the search results window will be tilted by an angle. Head over to google.com and type askew to see your search results window tilted by an angle.


Askew - Google Search



Get a calculator on screen immediately. It’s not just a calculator, it is scientific calculator useful for scientific computations. Head over to google.com and type calculator.

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Calculator - Google Search


Unit Converter:

Poor at Maths? Don’t worry. Google comes to your rescue. Convert any unit into another. Mass, length, energy, frequency, etc. . Head over to google.com and type unit converter.


Unit Converter - Google Search
Google’s Unit Converter


Also search for: the loneliest number , once in a blue moon , number of horns on a unicorn



Festivus is something special and different. Check it out: Festivus in Google Search.

Zerg Rush:

This Google Search Query definitely puts a smile on your face. Type zerg rush in Google Search to see your search results eaten by bugs.


Zerg Rush - Google Search
Zerg Rush



This game is no strange to us. Wanna play Pacman? Google can help you with that. Just type pacman in Google search to play.

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Play Pacman in Google Search
Play Pacman in Google Search


Blink HTML:

No explanation. Just see it in action.

Google in 1998:

Did you ever wanted to go back to the past. Old is Gold. Sounds nice. Check out how Google looked back then: Google in 1998.


Google Search in 1998
Google Search in 1998


More funny Google Search Queries: stopwatch , timer . Hope these Google Search Queries put a smile on your face and made you have fun. Did we miss anything? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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