10 Science Fiction Technologies That Actually Exist

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Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre that amuses everyone. Science Fiction Technologies actually inspire future inventions and influence them. Science is the backbone of everything. Every technology make the lives of millions of people better. Most of the technologies that exist today were once only seen movies. Then were called science fiction back then. When once those technologies were invented or established, they are no more a fiction. They tend to be real. Fiction would be kicked out. Back then in movies in 1920s and 1930s, a device was showcased and portrayed which looked similar to laptops. It was assumed to be science fiction back then and now we’re using it. As of now, Science Fiction Technologies which were portrayed in movies do actually exist up to some extent. They actually have life and do really exist in science laboratories and experiment labs.

Science Fiction
Science Fiction

Smart Contact Lenses:

Google has developed a Smart Contact Lens which is aimed at assisting people with diabetes by constantly measuring and monitoring the glucose levels in their tears. The project was announced by Google on 16th Jan, 2014 and it was now being tested. The final prototype is yet to be released in the commercial markets. Google Smart Contact Lens contain extremely thin sensors which are used for measuring blood sugar levels.

Smart Contact Lens - Science Fiction
Google Smart Contact Lens



Modumetal is a new age metal that is very close to Adamantium which is a fictional metal alloy that is found in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Modumetal is almost said to be indestructible and is a extremely strong metal. Modumetal is a nano laminated alloy which is lighter and stronger than steel. Modumetal is likely gonna take the place of steel in the near future. This metal is planned to be used for military purposes which is used for making armoured vehicles. This metal would probably replace steel in the very near future. This type of metal existed as a science fiction technology in the movie, Wolverine.

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Modumetal-Science Fiction
Modumetal – Wolverine


Bio-luminescent Light:

This is very similar to the sort of light which is found in the movie Avatar. A company has already made Bio-luminescent Light in a most biological way. They named it as Dino Pet.


Dino Pet is a container that is in the shape of a dinosaur that is full of bio-luminescent algae. The algae absorb light energy during the day and glow with a brilliant neon light at night. The thing is that these algae do really exist in luminous lagoon in Jamaica. This is a sort of technology which is completely natural and biological.

Luminous Lagoon - Jamaica
Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica


Optical Camouflage:

Remember the invisible cloak in the movie Harry Potter? Optical Camouflage is a type of technology that excites everyone. You’ll be shell shocked after reading about this technology. Probably, this is the most advanced technology that has a so called image, Science Fiction.

Harry Potter - Invisible Cloak
Harry Potter – Invisible Cloak

OC is technology that makes you invisible. This technology works on the principle of Augmented Reality. It makes the light rays bend around the material where they hit making the object invisible. This technology is no more fictional. Real life applications of this technology are still being tested.

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Optical Camouflage
Optical Camouflage


3D Printing:

By now, most of us have heard of 3D Printing. 3D Printers are those which can print a object of any shape and size from a virtual model.

A 3-Dimensionally Printed Gun
A 3-Dimensionally Printed Gun

They are capable of printing using not only paper but also plastics and fiber. There is also a company that has developed a self replicating 3D Printer, a machine that can create copies of itself.


Self Driving Cars:

Google Self Driving Cars are a bit reality for a while in a California but they are still not available in the commercial markets. But in UAE, self driving cars are available for commercial use since 2010. Movie, Total Recall portrayed a totally functional self driving vehicle which was a Science Fiction back then.

Google Self Driving Car
Google Self Driving Car


Universal Translator:

There was a sort of science fiction back then in the movie Star Trek. This Universal Translator is similar to the device portrayed in the movie. The device is Sigmo Voice Translator. Sigmo Voice Translator is a simple device that you simply speak into in one language and it repeats the sentence in another chosen language. Sigmo can translate your speech into more than 25 languages. It is also very accurate.

Sigmo Voice Translator
Sigmo Voice Translator



This technology is portrayed in the movie Star Wars. Bionics is the field that merges biology with machinery. Bionics is the method of replacing human organs by their respective mechanical versions. This technology is a breakthrough in medical sciences. This technology is especially helpful for people who do not have limbs or who lost their limbs in a warfare.

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Bionics Technology
Bionics Technology


Password Pill:

Password Pill is a technology that changes the way humans try to authenticate with devices and networks. Motorola has developed an edible authentication vitamin pill which once swallowed turns the human body into a living breathing human password capable of unlocking all your devices. After swallowing the pill, the digestive liquids in the stomach activate the pill and once activated, the pill starts emitting an 18 bit signal from your stomach strong enough to be detected by your devices like computer, tab and mobiles. This technology is yet to be released for the general public.


Password Pill
Password Pill


Powered Armour:

Remembered the movie Iron Man? The powerful body armour that Tony Stark wears reminds us of Powered Armour. This powered armour is very similar to the body armour that is showcased in the iron man movie. In technical terms, it is called Powered Exoskeleton. This technology is being developed by the United States Government, but this body armour was not used for military warfare.

Powered Armour
Powered Armour


These are the most commonly used Science Fiction Technologies portrayed in tech movies. The reality is they do exist in the real world too.

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